Cyber Crisis Alert Transmission Cyber Crisis Alert - Everything is Hackable. The only responses are Eternal Vigilance or Abject Slavery.

Everything is Hackable. Everyone is Phishable
The only responses are Eternal Vigilance or Abject Slavery.
Has your website been hacked?

Our A.I. systems have been tracking Cyber Crime on the Internet for over 15 years now, constantly tracking down Cyber Criminal infiltration on websites right across the Internet.

Because we often don't have any way to connect with website owners, it can take quite some time for them to realise a problem exists. Even then, they might not know how to correct the problem.

Cyber Criminals take total control to :
  • Change content to suit their needs
  • Steal your own or your customers' data
  • Sell drugs, illegal goods or damage lives through illegal pornography
  • Support organised crime, weapons sales, slavery, pushing political or religious agendas which you don't ascribe to
Often it happens that the website can be distributing virtual payloads of Malware, Phishing Scams or Ransomware and the website owners are totally unaware of a problem existing.

Don't let your website be a Trophy
Register for Alerts

Now you have the opportunity to Register your details with the Cyber Crisis Alert system and be warned of a threat or compromise on your website. Our systems continually check to see if any links to your domain or website have been found, and as soon as they are, you are automatically contacted with a full report of what we know of the threat. You can then be put in contact with the closest verified professional cyber security experts who are able to best deal with your problem.

We all need to be Aware and Alert to the dangers lurking on the Internet. But we don't need to live in fear. Cyber Crisis Alert exists to encourage you to be aware of what is happening, and to give you some of that peace of mind back.

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